Small Business Websites

A recent report was released by Clutch indicating that half of small businesses in the US do not have a website.

This is a problem that drawbuildplay aims to solve.  We want to find local businesses who don't have a web presence, or their existing websites are significantly outdated and need to be redone.

Factors that have contributed to why many of these businesses dont have a web presence are:

  • Lack of Time
  • Cost
  • Not relevant to their business

At drawbuildplay, we aim to remove these factors.  We spend the time to build and design your website.  We do it at a very affordable price since we integrate with many services.  You are mostly paying for our design time, and as we have a highly optimized process, you can utilize us for much cheaper than a custom web design agency.  This also allows you to get your return on investment (ROI) faster by driving more sales with your investment.

Having a web presence is critical to any business.  According to the report, 70-80% of potential customers find businesses via the web.  Not having a website impacts the potential leads you could get.  A website allows you to control your message, your brand, and put your best foot forward.  As long as you are selling something (products or services), you should try to reach your consumers the fastest way possible to close the sale.

Recently, there has been a surge of consumers browsing the web via mobile devices.  Thus, these days your business website needs to cater for mobile audiences.  At drawbuildplay, all of our sites are designed to be responsive to the device accessing your website.  It will display appropriately for phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop screens.  Without a mobile friendly website, you risk losing customers who give up very quickly.

According to the report, the four area's of concern for small business websites were

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Content
  • Design

DrawBuildPlay focuses on precisely these areas.  We design websites optimized with SEO from day one.  We help you build out your Social Media profiles and pages, and enable you to blog content about your business.  And of course we use the latest designs to promote your brand in the best possible way.