Unleashing Your Inner Gardener: The Ultimate Guide to Fake Grass and Pavers


Unleash your inner gardener with our Ultimate Guide to Fake Grass and Pavers. Discover the chic combination of artificial grass and elegant pavers in our fun, engaging guide. Packed with humor, practical tips, and stylish advice, learn how to transform your garden into a low-maintenance, high-style paradise. Perfect for eco-conscious gardeners and style-savvy homeowners.

6 Best DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants for your yard


As our temperatures start to go over 50 degrees F, the mosquitoes move in and destroy our spring and summer dreams outdoors. Repel those mosquitos with a natural mosquito repellent strategy, by planting herbs and flowers that they hate, causing the mosquitoes to move on.

Building a Home Tips for the Final Walkthrough


60 Building a Home Ideas for the Final Builder Walkthrough to help you build a dream home without the drama. A new construction home gets you your dream home, but get in front of the issues by knowing what to look for before you close on your future home with our free home buying checklist.

Top 10 Builder Upgrades You Should Do


When building a new home, there are many builder upgrades available. Some cost more than others and your budget will likely require to choose. Read below for my top 10 builder upgrades you should do, and a few builder upgrades to avoid when building your dream home.

Home Building Checklist - Choosing a Location


When building a new home, or buying a home, it is important to find your future dream home in the perfect location for you. Our free check list for your future home design - location will guide you through what you must consider when coming up with your building a home ideas. Are you close to things you need? What is important to you. These questions will be answered in our free home buying checklist. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Cut the Cord - Stop paying for your landline


Its 2019, and there are so many online services out there you may wonder what the point is still paying for cable. Here is a step by step guide on how to stop wasting your money paying for your phone line to the cable companies. My family has not paid for a landline since 2011.

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