A Guide to Replacing Broken Sofa Legs


Master the art of sofa leg replacement with our comprehensive guide. Discover essential tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes, elevate your living room's style, and extend the life of your sofa. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts seeking a quick, impactful home update.

6 Best DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants for your yard


As our temperatures start to go over 50 degrees F, the mosquitoes move in and destroy our spring and summer dreams outdoors. Repel those mosquitos with a natural mosquito repellent strategy, by planting herbs and flowers that they hate, causing the mosquitoes to move on.

DIY Drawer Organizer


Do this easy DIY Drawer Organizer for your kitchen utensils, or really any drawer organization you want. Total cost of materials was less than $11.

Farmhouse Ladder Shelf Decor


Place a ladder shelf in your living room with a beautifully decorated farm house style shelf. This Farm house shelf decor incorporates elements of Hygge for warmth. Use it as a blanket ladder, or decorate it with your favorite farm house shelf decor items. A ladder in the living room compliments your TV and makes a stand out feature. Continue reading to learn how I decorated our living room ladder shelf.

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