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DIY Outdoor Patio Lights

Patio Lighting

Installing outdoor patio lights creates a nice summer vibe to your outdoor patio. Patio Lighting sets the mood for you to enjoy your outdoor patio well after the sun goes down.

6 Best DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants for your yard

Mosquitoes Repellent DIY

As our temperatures start to go over 50 degrees F, the mosquitoes move in and destroy our spring and summer dreams outdoors. Repel those mosquitos with a natural mosquito repellent strategy, by planting herbs and flowers that they hate, causing the mosquitoes to move on.

Backyard Privacy Fence

Backyard Privacy Fence

Check out our newly constructed backyard privacy fence using 6x6 wooden fence posts. A short privacy fence not only looks great, but gives the kids a safe area to play in, and sets the stage for further DIY backyard ideas. It works great as a patio fence, or as a backyard fence, with many wood fences designs you can choose from.

Building a Home Tips for the Final Walkthrough

Home Building Warranty Checklist

60 Building a Home Ideas for the Final Builder Walkthrough to help you build a dream home without the drama. A new construction home gets you your dream home, but get in front of the issues by knowing what to look for before you close on your future home with our free home buying checklist.

10 Best Smart Home Tech for your home

10 Awesome and Affordable Tech Gadgets for your home

10 Awesome and Affordable Modern Gadgets for your home. A smart home gives you better convenience through automation, and more comfort with security, music, and lighting ambience. Our collection of must have modern gadgets will get you started with your own smart home at an affordable cost. Continue reading to learn how to set up your very own smart home with the latest modern gadgets.

DIY Outlet In Drawer

DIY Outlet In Drawer

Installing a DIY Outlet in a drawer is an easy to do DIY to give you hidden outlets in your kitchen or bathroom for your hair dryer or USB devices.

Top 10 Builder Upgrades You Should Do

Top 10 Must Have Builder Upgrades when building a new home

When building a new home, there are many builder upgrades available. Some cost more than others and your budget will likely require to choose. Read below for my top 10 builder upgrades you should do, and a few builder upgrades to avoid when building your dream home.

How to DIY install a USB outlet

How to install a USB Outlet

USB Outlets are great for keeping your outlets free while you are charging your phones and tablets. Read our easy how to guide on how to install a USB outlet yourself in less than 10 minutes.

DIY Drawer Organizer

DIY Drawer Organizer

Do this easy DIY Drawer Organizer for your kitchen utensils, or really any drawer organization you want. Total cost of materials was less than $11.