DIY Outdoor Patio Lights

Patio Lighting

Installing outdoor patio lights creates a nice summer vibe to your outdoor patio. Patio Lighting sets the mood for you to enjoy your outdoor patio well after the sun goes down.

DIY Outlet In Drawer

DIY Outlet In Drawer

Installing a DIY Outlet in a drawer is an easy to do DIY to give you hidden outlets in your kitchen or bathroom for your hair dryer or USB devices.

How to DIY install a USB outlet

How to install a USB Outlet

USB Outlets are great for keeping your outlets free while you are charging your phones and tablets. Read our easy how to guide on how to install a USB outlet yourself in less than 10 minutes.

Watch TV for Free without cable

Watch TV for free with an HDHomeRun and an Apple TV

Watch TV for free without cable with an Apple TV, HDHomeRun, and over the air broadcasts. Stop spending hundreds of $$$ on cable. We stopped paying them back in 2015 by combining free over the air live antenna TV with Netflix. Learn how you can do this too.

How to Cut the Cord - Stop paying for your landline

Under Cabinet Lighting

Its 2019, and there are so many online services out there you may wonder what the point is still paying for cable. Here is a step by step guide on how to stop wasting your money paying for your phone line to the cable companies. My family has not paid for a landline since 2011.