DIY How To Save your New Car From Little Muddy Kicking Feet

Got a new car, but you don't want your kids to mess up the seats with the little muddy feet. Try this amazing easy new DIY find I found to keep your seats looking like new.

Seat Protector from Kicking Feet

So a few months ago I purchased a new Tesla Model 3. It’s my dream car and I am totally in love with it. We made this our main car, which meant with two kids we have two car seats in the back.

Anyone with kids in will know that for some reason they have to kick the seats in front of them. It’s all that energy they have I guess where they can’t just sit still.

I started to see scuff marks against the back of the seat from the shoes (not to mention the dirt and mud and who knows what other stuff). This was a nightmare. I want to drive the car all the time, but how do I get the kids to keep it clean?!!

Well, after some searching on Amazon, and talking with other Tesla owners, I came across these Kick Mats ($19) that hook over the seat to protect the backs of the seats from kicking feet.

Kick Mats

Kick Mats

I installed them this week, and omg these are a life saver.

No more concerns about the kids ruining the seats (they still aren’t allowed to kick since its annoying as hell), but when they do, I now know that the seats will be protected.

When buying it, I was concerned that it would take away the aesthetic from of the front seats. But the elastic bands tuck right into the folds and you cannot see them at all. Win Win.

Once the kids get a lot older and can actually sit still, I will remove these, but for the next 3 - 4 years at least, these will save my car.

Next up on my list of things to buy is a cover to put over the seats to protect it from crumbs. Right now I just have an ordinary blanket under the seats, but I’ll be looking for something black that becomes less obvious.

Here’s the link to the Kick Mat seat protectors pictured above.

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