Farmhouse Entryway Console Table

This farmhouse entryway console table is the first thing you see when you enter our farmhouse home. Decorate your own hallway table in your entryway for your modern farmhouse.

Beautiful Entry Console Table

This table was not one of my own DIY projects since it was so cheap to just go out and buy. We purchased this entry way console table from our local HomeGoods store for only $60. I probably could have DIY built it myself, but my wife saw this and wanted to get it on the spot.

This entryway console table provides a beautiful visual when our friends visit as it’s the first thing they see. The table is thin so it doesn’t get in the way - which is especially important as we have two young kids that are constantly running past this table.

The console table also keeps with the farmhouse vibe we are going for in our home with its washed out wooden look.

White washing furniture

What I love most about it is the gray whitewash on it. If you have a console table similar to this, and want that white washed look, it’s so stupid simple to do. Just grab a small container of your favorite white paint. Dilute that white paint with some water (I usually do equal parts paint and water). Then using a rag, just wipe it over your surface. If you want more opaqueness (ie have the paint more visible), then just apply more layers of it. I also like to add a splash of gray into the mixture so its not just a pure white wash. You can also make the color streak through (for a more aged look), by applying a white wash of a color such as blue or gray (or even pink/red), and then going over that with the white wash so that only partial streaks of color show through.

The Decor

The decor we used on top of the table was from a combination of places. The big gold vase was from HomeGoods. We complimented the vase with twigs from Michaels. The gold flowers were from Hobby Lobby (although you can get something similar from Michaels too). The picture frames were from HomeGoods.

Farmhouse Entry Way Console Table

Farmhouse Entry Way Console Table

The Wall Art

Its always a good idea to round out an entry way table with some sort of art behind it. Something big to make a statement always works well, but don’t make it wider than the table itself so that things look proportionate. We found this gorgeous circle frame art that really complimented the grey console table.

Here is the view of our entryway console table from the living room looking out to the front door entrance.

Entryway View

Entryway View

So, let me know what you think about what we did here, and let me know if you try something similar in your home.

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