Farmhouse Ladder Shelf Decor

Place a ladder shelf in your living room with a beautifully decorated farm house style shelf. This Farm house shelf decor incorporates elements of Hygge for warmth. Use it as a blanket ladder, or decorate it with your favorite farm house shelf decor items. A ladder in the living room compliments your TV and makes a stand out feature. Continue reading to learn how I decorated our living room ladder shelf.

Farmhouse Ladder Shelf Decor

Ever since I started using Pinterest and started discovering images of other peoples homes incorporating Farmhouse elements, I have been in love. And I have sought to replicate many of these ideas in my own home.

Our latest addition to our living room has been this beautiful farmhouse ladder shelf that we purchased from Kohls.

Farmhouse Ladder Shelf Decor

Farmhouse Ladder Shelf Decor

I’ve had many iterations trying to decorate this ladder shelf just right for our living room. It has ranged from being full of our kids photos, to having a bunch of books to fill up some of the shelves. But none of the layouts really felt perfect to me.

Then, recently I came across the concept of Hygge.

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah) simply put is the concept of providing warmth and comfort to your living areas. Google defines it as ‘a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).’

With that in mind, I starting changing the layout of the decor on my farmhouse ladder shelf. I reversed the books so that the white pages faced us (thus reducing the color pronunciation from the book covers). I anchored those books with a globe ornament I had lying around on another table. And then drooped a white soft knitted/woven blanket next to it that drooped to the floor. Suddenly, this empty space felt full and warm.

On the bottom shelf, I wanted something big to anchor the ladder. I had an old style trunk that we sometimes use as a photo prop. So I put that at the bottom. The second shelf consists of a wooden planter box with some pretty greenery.

The second shelf from the top has a mix of old and modern. There is a rustic clock to represent the old, a brassy looking star, and then a Google Home speaker. The colors look good together and the tech blends in really well.

The top shelf is reserved for photos. And I break that up with a nice lavender plant (fake).

I am so happy with how this looks now. It has instantly changed the warmth of our room. The game changer for us was adding that blanket as it completely changed the dynamic and warmed up the decor.

Farmhouse Ladder Shelf  (Hygge)

Farmhouse Ladder Shelf (Hygge)

Next will be figuring out some hygge idea’s for warming up our fireplace/mantle area.

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